Beginners Photography Course

This introductory course is for those people who have a digital camera, compact, bridge or dslr,

but who are afraid about using it in anything other than the most automatic mode. The course assumes nothing about your skills and aims to demystify and explain what those things on your camera do. The course covers a range of subjects including auto exposure modes such as

Portrait, Landscape, Sport etc, exposure,ISO, aperture, shutter, scene assists. The course is exclusively photography based and does not deal with any manipulations, sizing or other

computer based subjects. The course is less technical than our other camera courses and focuses on taking pictures rather than camera controls, everything we will teach is based on the

pictures you want to take. If you find that your camera gets in the way of the pictures you want to take and you do want to do better this is a course for you. We cover the basics of camera

use, subject areas and composition, concentrating on the visual at all times.

To aid the learning process assignments are set each week and your results uploaded to a blog

site for review If you thought that buying a digital camera would make you immediately a better photographer but have not found this to be the case then 4 weeks on our course will help.

We look at portraiture, landscape, sport and pet and flower photography and how you can use

your camera to improve the results you get by thinking about why and how you take the pictures you love

Full Course Specification

The course takes place at our studio 2 Collins Street Oxford OX4 1XS directions

“It's no good saying "hold it" to a moment in real life.” Lord Snowdon

Course Start Date

Starts TBA 6.30 pm - 8.30 pm

4 x 2 hour sessions £85

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