Travel Photography Course

We have re-written this course to concentrate on the practicalities and desires of photographic travellers. The course will help you to think about why you want to take pictures when you are on holiday and how you are going to get the very best out of each situation. Whether you are enjoying a weekend city-break, a cultural holiday, a couple of weeks at the beach or trekking in

remote areas, travel offers some of the most exciting opportunities for taking great pictures.

This course aims to help you make the most of those opportunities. Subject areas covered

include: how to photograph city scenes, landscapes, buildings, monuments, people and wildlife. We'll look at great images by top photographers and consider practical advice to help

you make pictures that stand out from the crowd and which capture the essence of your destination.

We will consider the practicalities of travelling with your camera: what sort of accessories you

might want to take with you, tips on safety and keeping your equipment working properly together with the need to be sensitive to local cultures and laws.

It is assumed that you already have a reasonable understanding of how to operate your camera as the course does not cover in depth camera use, (you may well have taken one of our

camera courses) but the course will be relevant whether you're using a compact or a DSLR. Homework isn't obligatory, but with a world-class travel destination on our doorstep, you'll be encouraged to complete assignments

Full Course Specification

"I enjoy traveling and recording far-away places and people with my camera. But I also find it wonderfully rewarding to see what I can discover outside my own window. You only need to study the scene with the eyes of a photographer." - Alfred Eisenstaedt

Course Start Dates

3 x 2 hour sessions £85

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