Understanding Your Digital Compact Camera

"Thank you very much for the useful and informative course that finished last night. I thought your presentation was excellent and very clear. It has made me much more enthusiastic about my photography. I'll certainly recommend the course to friends and colleagues". Linda

Understanding Your Digital SLR Camera

"I just wanted to pass on my thanks for the Understanding Your DSLR course. I found it invaluable and now have lots of practising to do which I look forward to!" Nicola

Composition in Photography

"Many thanks again for another fantastic course it has filled many a gap in my knowledge and helped me no end....now it's just practice!" Fran


"Thanks again for the brilliant course which we really enjoyed." Lesley & Andreas

Intermediate Photography

"I really enjoyed the Intermediate course - I got a lot out of it and it did really make me think about what kind of photos I like to take. I used to take a lot of landscape/townscape like photos and they look quite boring compared with the more close up macro photos I've taken during the course. I like colours so close ups may work better for me - its something I'll be working on. Definitely, the course has made me think a lot about what makes interesting and emotive pictures."


"Having just completed the understanding your digital SLR course I just wanted to say thank you for delivering a course that does exactly as the title suggests. Though I still have a lot to learn I feel far less intimidated by the technology I own. I now feel like I have a grasp of the main concepts that no end of manual reading could have achieved and can't wait to get out and practice. Thank you. I also did the seeing pictures course in October and will certainly be recommending both to anyone who'll listen!"


"I would like to say that I was extremely impressed with the DSLR course. I didn't really know what to expect, but found every session very helpful. I now feel much more comfortable with the basic functions of my camera, as well as being able to photograph more creatively using the techniques that you taught. I definitely learnt more than I would have been able to from my handbook. I found the course and techniques that I learnt extremely inspirational, and am now more open minded with my approach to photography."

"Just wanted to say thanks for the excellent Understanding Your Digital SLR course I finished last night. It really has been most useful. Although I don't think I learnt anything radically new, it was well worth it to have the user manual described in non-scary, everyday language and to hear your invaluable experiences and hints."

"Great course once again" Jason

"Many thanks again for another fantastic course it has filled many a gap in my knowledge and helped me no end....now it's just practice!" Fran

Intermediate Photography

"The practical tasks you set us during the lesson and for homework greatly improved the way I took photos and the extended the range of subjects that I would normally take the photos of. Being able to see other people's work and getting feedback from you and fellow photographers was a constructive way of developing my eye as a photographer. And finally, the course provided me with a reason and most importantly the confidence to approach an organisation and offer them my services as a photographer. Without that I don't think I would've ever considered showing a total stranger some of my work and expect them to give me a job just based on that. So thank you Keith for a most inspirational course and my only complaint is that it was too short."

Intermediate Photography

"Firstly, just wanted to say I thoroughly enjoyed the class. It was just what I needed, in terms of being able to interact with other like-minded people and being shown different approaches to photography. It was a really worthwhile experience and I think I my abilities have definitely improved. At the very least I've seen alot of work by some amazing photographers which I may not have otherwise have known about!" Jess

"The blog was excellent. A really good way to get all the participants to communicate outside the classroom and to let all of them see others' work and evaluate and compare in their own time." Mick

Black & White Digital

"I really enjoyed the b+w course and if I'm honest may have seen the greatest improvement in my photography whilst attending/thinking about this one. I've deleted 5/6 lines already trying to express why/how I think they've improved, but think I'll use your advice on critique and say how I felt: It made me feel better about going back to basics and thinking about composition of shots, form, texture, light." Jamie

Black & White Digital Course

"It was a hugely pleasurable course. It had a great shape to it and starting off by looking at some iconic and some less known works was just right for me. Doing projects and sharing work is always daunting but an essential part of the process. I related to the topics and would have liked one extra week to look more specifically at images including people and make our own contributions. Never having used blogs before this was an important element of the course for me and I thought it worked well." Wendy

1 Day DSLR course

"Many thanks for the course on Saturday it was fantastic.. I learnt loads - some stuff that I had learnt some time ago but had forgotten it and lots of new stuff... I haven't been able to stop taking photos since and trying loads of things out. I managed to take some really good close ups which I wouldn't have been able to take a few days ago... I love photography and now I have a much better understanding of my camera I feel I can now take it to another level." Marcia