Introduction To Photoshop Course

This course is for those who have decided that digital photography means doing their own image manipulations on their computers and have chosen Photoshop as their software.

Photoshop is a huge programme but we concentrate on the areas that are of direct interest to photographers, the course looks at the full programme and Photoshop Elements. The course is taught by demonstration using a digital projector and by practise in class. Further practise is recommended at home between class using the extensive notes we provide. The areas covered include: file type, image size, selection, colour controls, density controls, colour management, all those tools, filters and layers. If you have Photoshop and only scratch the surface of what it can do and rely upon its automatic functions this course is for you. Students are advised to bring their own laptops but we do have some machines available if you do not have a laptop, the tutor is Keith Barnes.


Full course specification

"The camera cannot lie, but it can be an accessory to untruth." Harold Evans

Course Start Date

Start TBA £97 - 5 x 2 hour Sessions

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