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These can be purchased for £50, £85, £95 or £100 and used towards courses or 1-2-1 tuition. As most courses are £85 and one 2 hour session of 1-2-1 is £100 these are usually the amounts chosen.

Currently the online purchase option is disabled, if you would like to buy a voucher please email me




To purchase a voucher use the shopping cart, once payment is made you will be directed to download your voucher.

Some tablets and phones will not allow a download of the voucher so please use a computer

TIP* Download your voucher as soon as you purchase as it only stays in the system for about 5 days. Once on your computer you can print it whenever you decide to give the present

When the lucky person books a course or a 1-2-1 session just tell them to say they are paying with a voucher. The vouchers give basic information as to value and use and a recommendation that the recipient has a look at our website so that they can decide what areas of photography they would like to learn.

If you have any questions just contact us.

Payment can be made by Debit/Credit card and by Paypal

The debit/credit card option is on the last page