All our photography courses are recreational and aim to help our students to achieve better results from their cameras. Some people use our courses as a stepping stone towards a vocation in photography, gaining more skills before going to college to study for a qualification. Most of the evening classes last 4 sessions, one per week and are lecture, demonstration, slide presentation and practically based. We do not set homework although do offer assignments and always recommend that students practise what they have learnt in class, some courses further encourage this by creating a site where students upload their weekly images for discussion on site and in class. We do find this aspect of these courses is greatly appreciated and helps students to achieve a much higher level of photographic results. As said though, it is not obligatory. Once you have decided which course you would like to book go to our bookings page. There you can reserve a place on line. If you have a voucher then email us and we will note you are the lucky recipient of a voucher from someone who loves you.

If you would like to receive the next schedule when it is available please send us an email.

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"The two most engaging powers of [a photographer] are to make new things familiar and familiar things new." W. Thackeray