Composition in Photography Course - Seeing Pictures

A course for those who would like to understand more about composition. Great volumes have been written about composition, often relating to the works of the masters of art since the dawn

of painting, we aim to simplify this information and make it digestible for today's photographers. Referencing the masters of photography using slide presentations and demonstrations we will help you to understand the basics of creating beautiful photographs, photographs with meaning

and impact.

We will introduce you to the craft of composing pictures: the shapes, lines, colours and

juxtaposition of elements, framing and the rule of thirds. This course is much less about subject matter and much more about how you approach your preferred subjects. Your existing

technical skills are less important than your desire to improve your vision and therefore your pictures.

This is not a photographic technical course but naturally where photographic techniques are used to reinforce composition, such as depth of field, these techniques will be discussed. As with all our courses we will not set obligatory homework but you will be encouraged to practise

in between classes, to not do so belies your intention to be a better photographer. Assignments will be set and you will be encouraged to complete these for discussion in class. This

homestudy work will be uploaded to a blog site and collected from there to be shown and discussed in class, this is always one of the most valuable aspects of the course and greatly

appreciated by students.

The course tutor is David Thomas Location at our studio at Collins Street directions

Full course specification

"The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera" Dorethea Lange

Course Start Date

Starts TBA 6.30 – 8.30pm £85 - 4 x 2 hour Sessions

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